GPS LightLock
Astronomical Timers
Powered by GPS
US Patent 8,816,842

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Frequently Asked Questions   

How much does it cost per month for the GPS service? 

Zero ($0.00). The GPS system is always free worldwide.

How do I program it? 

You don’t. There are no user settings. There is nothing to confuse you and nothing to go wrong. It doesn’t even need batteries.

How does it work? 

GPS LightLock gets an automatic date, time & location update from the GPS satellite system as soon as you power it up. It runs our proprietary astrophysics algorithm and programs your dusk-to-dawn switch times for that day. Each day it switches at a slightly different time to adjust for the seasons.

What about power failures? 

GPS LightLock self-recovers from power failures. When the power comes back on it updates the internal clock with the GPS atomic clock. You don't need to do anything.

What happens if the GPS system goes offline? 

The internal clock will continue on with normal operation.

Does GPS LightLock work with motion sensors, occupancy sensors, time clocks, Bypass ON and Bypass OFF? 

Yes. You can very easily configure GPS LightLock to work with all of these common lighting control configurations. See our installation sheet for more information.

Will GPS LightLock work inside a building or a NEMA enclosure? 

Yes. You can install GPS LightLock inside the attic of a building with a plywood roof and asphalt shingles. You can also install it inside a plastic enclosure for security purposes. See our installation sheet for more information.

Why is GPS LightLock better than a photocell? 

Photocells use 1800's technology and cause lights to switch at all different times of day. They often need replacing within 2 years of installation because the lens gets dirty and oxi-dizes. By the time you realize this your lights are already coming on too early, staying on too late, and even turning on and off as clouds go over. They waste energy, burn out your fixtures, bulbs & ballasts, cost you money and re-quire unnecessary servicing and maintenance.

Why is GPS LightLock better than a programmable timer? 

Programmable timers rely on humans to program and maintain them. Regardless of claims by manufacturers, the lights are almost always switching at improper times. Often the lights are on for 12 hours per day but it’s the wrong 12 hours, leaving people in the dark in dangerous situations. They don't last long and they only come with a 1 or 2 year warranty. They're expensive, high mainte-nance, and take a long time to change out when servicing a lighting circuit.

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